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ENERGY Saved in the Pacific Northwest

NetZero Energy, LLC has played a significant role in reducing the region’s energy consumption by almost 71 GWh (gigawatt-hours) over the past 9 years. This impressive energy saving is equivalent to supplying approximately 7,100 average households with power every year.

Washington since 2015

Oregon since 2015

Alaska since 2015

NetZero Energy, LLC — The Path to Net Zero.

NetZero Energy, LLC is an organization devoted to collaborating with various client sectors—including industrial, commercial, governmental, and non-profit entities—to significantly reduce their energy costs. Our client portfolio includes facilities across these sectors, and we uphold our work with unwavering pride and a commitment to excellence. Our operations are grounded in an unwavering quest for transparency and dependability.

Founded in 2015, our specialty lies in LED lighting solutions. We prioritize our clients’ needs and wants, tailoring custom lighting plans that transform their vision into reality, using top-of-the-line lighting products. We provide a comprehensive, turn-key solution that caters to every lighting need.

Our team boasts a wide array of expertise, enriching your project with a well-rounded approach. Our diverse skillset spans Construction, Automation, Management, Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, Electronics, Lighting, and Capital Equipment.

Unique to us, our designers are distinguished as NXT Level-certified, by the Northwest Trade Ally Alliance, and IES Standards, having completed a training regimen curated by an alliance of Northwest utilities, and energy efficiency organizations.

Engaging with the professionals at NetZero Energy, LLC means partnering with a team that is highly trained and dedicated to providing:

• Cutting-edge techniques and technologies
• Economically efficient lighting solutions
• High-capacity EV Charging Stations
• The best practices for energy efficiency
• Lighting solutions tailored to your project’s unique needs.
• Assistance in accessing utility incentives to mitigate project costs.

Clatskanie Sports Field - After LED Conversion
Skyline Steel - Post LED Conversion
Automotive Dealerships
Commercial and Retail
Idustrial Facilities
Community Organizations
Government Buildings

NXT Level II

NetZero Energy, LLC and its employees have earned the NXT Level designation and are committed to providing you with the latest, most efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions. NXT Level designees have completed a comprehensive lighting training created and administered by a collective of Northwest utilities, lighting experts and energy efficiency organizations. When you hire the team at NetZero Energy, LLC, you’re hiring professionals who are trained and committed to provide:

• The latest techniques and technologies
• Cost-effective lighting solutions
• The most energy-efficient practices
• Lighting calibrated to the specific needs of your project
• Access to utility incentives that lower project costs

To learn more about NXT Level, visit nxtleveltraining.com.

Rainier School District

Featuring one of our customers, Rainier School District. We retrofitted all the entire
school district from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.  Both Inside and out.

Rainier School District – Drone photographs by Bill Carnahan of NetZero Energy, LLC

Benefits of LED Lighting


LED lights have a much longer lifespan, often well beyond      50,000 hours


We manage and process all manufacturer warranties for every product used in our project


LED lighting improves visibility, color rendering and safety in most facilities. In study after study, these factors are directly attributed to increased productivity


Most utility providers offer incentives for upgrading to LED lighting. Our project management team captures the highest incentives available for any given project, assisting in every step of the entire process.

Energy Savings

The cost of installation will be compensated by the energy costs saved with an LED retrofit. Let us show you how you can take the money you are already spending and invest in a project with little to no capital required (on most jobs).

Partner Electrician bypassing ballast

Lower Maintenance Costs

LED lifespans are three to four times as long as typical lighting. The average maintenance cost savings are $908 per bulb (HID) over the life of the product.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We are so pleased with the lighting upgrade we received by working with Dynamic Energy Solutions! Light is critical to excellent color and the system and products offered by these folks has made my life so much easier! I heartily recommend a lighting analysis for your business done by Dynamic Energy Solutions!

Copies Today - After LED Conversion
Pat Palmer

Copies Today

This is an excellent company to work with. They did a thorough review of our facility needs and installed lighting for such areas as our playground, bus barn and especially the football stadium. The amount and placement of the lighting is excellent. First time we are actually able to see the entire field. Professional staff, excellent customer service. I highly recommend them for your lighting needs.

Clatskanie Sports Field - After LED Conversion
Lloyd Hartley

Clatskanie School District

This company is great to work with. We changed out all of our light bulbs to LED bulbs at Campus Towers. These guys were with us every step of the way and made the whole process very smooth. Highly recommend them. We are now saving money every month and love our new lights.

Campus Towers - After LED Conversion
Marchelle Knapp

Campus Towers