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LED Lighting Conversions – Retrofits

LED Lighting Conversions – Retrofits

Washington – Oregon – Alaska

Converting your lighting from fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and compact fluorescent lights to LED lighting has many significant benefits. Here are many of them to consider;

Retrofit – The benefits of LED lighting with the lowest upfront costs possible

Keep the same look or lighting design by utilizing the existing lighting fixtures

True consistent color rendering throughout your facility.

Reduction of electrical consumption by 40-70% of your electric bill

Improvement of safety and reduction of hazardous lighting issues

Optimizing worker environment to improve productivity

Complete removal of transformer buzzing such as fluorescent and halogen bulbs

LED Lighting Distributors

Net Zero Energy, LLC, under the trade name of Dynamic
Energy Solutions (DES), is a veteran owned, renewable energy and efficiency development company that focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy production and energy management systems. Working in the facilities energy field we provide the project development and management expertise needed to help reduce consumption and move toward a sustainable ‘net zero’ result for any site or campus.

Our team delivers high value and sustainable energy solutions. We focus on LED lighting retrofits plus design and build of renewable energy and storage projects.

We provide LED luminaries from domestic and offshore sources for virtually every application and apply our experience in construction, electronics, manufacturing, design, operations and project management. We approach a customer’s need with an objective, experienced eye that focuses on providing the most cost-effective, long-term, low maintenance solutions.

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