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Automotive Dealership LED Lighting

Providing expert LED lighting conversions, retrofits and UV Sterilization in the Pacific Northwest.


Automotive Dealership LED Lighting

Washington – Oregon – Alaska


Looking to upgrade the interior and exterior lighting for your automotive dealership? These days upgrading to LED lighting for interior and exteriors of auto dealerships can do much more than just save on monthly energy costs. The addition of energy efficient LED lighting significantly reduces energy costs, plus can dramatically increase the after-hours visibility of your dealership.


Upgrading or retrofitting your auto dealership with LED lighting has many benefits, including:

  • Better visibility for after-hours shoppers, better showcasing your inventory
  • Less maintenance; LED lights last far longer and require virtually no maintenance when compared to traditional outdated lighting
  • Boost your foot traffic; shoppers are drawn to well-lit dealerships
  • Optimize your image and perceived value of your auto dealership with bright, consistent lighting
  • Expand employee productivity with non-harsh, evenly lit work areas such as service bays and areas
  • Increased security for periods when the dealership is closed
  • Sensor controlled LED lighting is programmable, further increasing energy efficiency

LED Lighting Can Be Automated

In addition to the excellent energy savings that LED lights offer, their ability to run on automated schedules is prized, taking human error out of the lighting schedule to maximize energy savings, productivity, and new customer traffic. There are many different variables that can be addressed using automated LED lighting and often a lighting audit can identify key areas LED lighting can help and the energy savings LED lighting automation can produce.

Upgrading or Retrofitting Your Auto Dealerships LightsAutomotive Parts Supplier LED Lighting Conversion

Most auto dealerships and car showrooms will see significant savings when deciding to switch over to LED lighting, recouping the costs for the upgrades within just a few years. Dynamic Energy Solutions offers lighting audits to help you determine cost to install LED lighting, estimated cost savings, and an overall return on investment on this lighting upgrade. Our customers have reported to us:

  • Savings into the thousands of dollars per month
  • Better, brighter, and more natural lighting has increased the perceived value of their inventory
  • Better security after-hours
  • Increased employee satisfaction with lighting in work areas which can lead to increased productivity
  • More evening traffic to their dealership

If you’re looking to make the switch to LED lighting for your automotive dealership and car showroom, we invite you to give us a call to set-up your lighting audit.

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