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Commercial & Retail LED Lighting

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There are many benefits to upgrading the lighting in your commercial or retail space with energy efficient LED lighting. Aside from the big savings on energy costs, LED lighting has a dramatically lower maintenance cost as they can last 10-20 times longer than today’s conventional lighting. LED lighting is also very attractive for commercial and retail applications as LED lighting can be automated to reduce energy consumption, extend bulb life, and create better work and shopping environments.

Retail LED ConversionDramatic Energy Savings for Commercial & Retail Applications

Often the number one reason many commercial and retail property owners and managers decide to retrofit their retail or commercial buildings with LED lights is the savings in energy costs. Replacing conventional outdated commercial lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting and controls can save thousands of dollars per year depending on the facility. Other considered factors for LED light conversions often are:

  • Increased worker satisfaction and productivity using bright, natural looking LED lighting
  • Added security indoors and outdoors with brighter LED lighting
  • Increased visual appeal of inventory with accurate color rendering
  • Additional comfort in retail settings with reduced eye strain for customers and employees
  • Ability to automate lighting based upon several different factors
  • Increased value of commercial – retail property with LED light improvements
  • Relative low cost when compared to saving achieved and rebate programs

Understanding Commercial & Retail Lighting UpgradesLED Lighting External Light Conversion

Typically most property owners or managers will want to know the initial investment cost and ongoing costs associated with switching over to LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Typically the second question is estimated monthly / yearly cost savings to be expected after completing an LED lighting upgrade / retrofit. Most times it’s advisable to have a free lighting assessment completed by a professional LED lighting contractor to understand you facilities needs. Dynamic Energy Solutions offers free lighting assessments to help you understand your facilities unique needs, as well as identify areas where LED lighting technology can help save more energy through automation.

Dynamic Energy Solutions offers comprehensive lighting assessments to help you understand how LED lighting can add value, perceived value, increased productivity, and security to your property, all while lowering your monthly energy consumption.