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LED Lighting for Churches, Non-Profits &
Community Organizations

Washington – Oregon – Alaska

ChurchesFor churches, non-profit organizations, and community centers, reducing operating costs can be essential to maintaining a balanced budget. For many of these types of properties, energy costs can be at times overwhelming due to these types of building being used for many different functions. With the introduction of LED lights and relative inexpensive costs associated with these types of light when compared to years past, replacing old high-energy use lighting has become a popular way to reduce monthly energy costs.

Common Questions When Replacing Old Lights with LED Lighting

  • LED Color Temperature Comparison

Dynamic Energy Solutions has experience and knowledge when it comes to mixed use buildings and properties. Often several factors need to be understood and addressed when it comes to retrofitting buildings such as Churches, Non-Profit Centers, and Community Buildings and property.

  • Understanding uses of mixed use areas such as receptions halls, gymnasiums and auditoriums, how will these areas be used?
    • How they will be used will determine the correct lighting to be used to best meet the needs of the area
    • Correct lighting and controls will allow the area to be used for multiple function types
    • Help create customized lighting profiles for different event types
  • Automated lighting and programming to reduce costs when different sections of the property are not being used
  • Help create a safe and secure environment inside and outdoors
  • Address budget concerns and create an affordable LED lighting retrofit package to reduce energy costs
  • Maximize current tax incentives and rebates
  • Add long term value to the property while significantly decreasing lighting maintenance costs


  • LED Color Temperature Comparison
Residential LED lighting upgrades Oregon Washington

LED Lighting Retrofits and Upgrades

Most churches, community centers and non-profit facilities will see significant savings when deciding to switch over to LED lighting, in most cases the costs for the upgrades will be easily repaid in savings within just a few years.  Dynamic Energy Solutions offers free lighting assessments to help you determine cost to install LED lighting, estimated cost savings, and an overall return on investment on this lighting upgrade. Dynamic Energy Solutions offers LED lighting assessments to the following types of facilities:

  • Churches and Religious Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Non-Profit Centers and Facilities
  • Banquet Halls and Reception Centers
  • Music and Arts Venues
  • Historic Properties and Reserves
  • Government and Municipal Buildings and Centers

If you’re looking to make the switch to LED lighting for your property, we invite you to give us a call to set-up your free lighting assessment.