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Government Buildings & Facilities

Providing expert LED lighting conversions, retrofits and UV Sterilization in the Pacific Northwest.

LED Lighting Upgrades for Government Buildings & Facilities

Washington – Oregon – Alaska

School Lighting continues to be Crucial for learningUpgrading or retrofitting LED lights into government-run buildings and facilities has become a popular option with the pressure to reduce energy usage in these buildings. Dynamic Energy Solutions specializes in LED lighting for many types of public buildings including:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Federal Buildings, Offices, and Facilities
  • County Buildings and Offices
  • City Buildings and Offices

Dynamic Energy Solutions is a Certified Energy Star Partner, Energy Trust of Oregon and Bonneville Power Partner. Dynamic Energy Solutions offers lighting audits and expert advice when it comes to upgrading or retrofitting LED lights for your facility. When it comes to government buildings, lighting contractors must meet certain minimum qualifications and we have worked hard to meet these standards and have completed many LED lighting upgrades on government contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions on LED Lighting Upgrades

Dynamic Energy Solutions has experience and knowledge about mixed-use government buildings and properties. Several factors typically need to be addressed with these types of properties to ensure the LED light upgrade is completed correctly and with the desired results.

  • Understanding uses of facility
    • Different areas of a property will require different lighting and controls
    • Mixed-use areas such as gymnasiums, concert halls, and work areas are often used for very different functions
    • Create customized lighting profiles for different event / work types
  • Automated lighting and programming to reduce costs when different sections of the property are not being used
  • Help create a safe and secure environment inside and outdoors
  • Address budget concerns and create an affordable LED lighting retrofit package to reduce energy costs
  • Maximize current tax incentives and rebates