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LED Sign Lighting Services

Providing expert LED lighting conversions and retrofits in the Pacific Northwest.

LED Sign Lighting Services

Washington – Oregon – Alaska

Who Do We Sell LED Sign Lighting To?

We sell primarily to business-to-business (B2B) customers. This includes commercial, retail, or industrial property owners, sign owners, and reputable local businesses specializing in sign or lighting installation.

Dynamic Energy Solutions provides LED lighting equipment and bulbs to local LED Sign Lighting installation and replacement companies. We also sell directly to commercial property owners who want sign lighting replacement with more energy-efficient options.

If you are interested in learning more about LED lighting options, peruse the information below or contact us at 1(360) 636-5337 for additional information or with any questions.


We Recommend LED Sign Lighting Replacement

Instead of having a customized lighting scheme designed or a new sign constructed, it makes sense to retrofit the existing systems with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs. Every client or property gets a customized plan that best suits their needs and goals. These are usually formulated by the outside signage contractors that use our products. Our catalog of bulbs is extensive and includes T5, T8, T12 varieties and many more.

Can We Work With Various Types of Signage Including Those on Timers?

We have a lot of experience in the LED sign industry and know how to recommend the best bulbs for each situation and setup. Signs that operate on timers and automatically turn the lights on and off are no problem.

What Are Some Benefits of Switching to LED Light bulbs?

LED bulbs can help reduce energy usage and costs in almost every commercial, industrial, or residential application. Business signs frequently have a large number of bulbs that need to stay lit for long periods of time, making the following benefits even greater.

  • Instant bright lighting
  • Design flexibility with various bulb types
  • Durability and a long life
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Limited heat production around the bulbs
  • Smooth light¬†disbursement
  • Extended brightness and color options
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Save considerable money over time

Do We Help You Claim Incentives From Utility Companies?

Yes! The offered incentives depend on the municipality the sign is in and the utility company that provides the power to it. Many offer financial benefits for companies who choose LED sign lighting because it saves quite a bit of electricity over time and thus reduces strain on the power grid. We assist with the process completely.

Dynamic Energy Solutions is proud to deliver quality sign lighting LED products to companies and consumers. For more information or answers to questions, please call us today at 1(360) 636-5337.