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COVID Solutions

Providing expert LED lighting conversions, retrofits and UV Sterilization in the Pacific Northwest.

UV-C Lighting protects us from Viruses and Bacteria

The science behind UVC:

UVC (100-280nm) has high enough energy to effectively kill microorganisms.  UVC Disinfection Systems use the high-energy from short-wavelength UVC light to attack the cellular RNA and DNA of disease-causing pathogens. UVC damages the nucleic acids in these microorganisms and prevents them from infecting and reproducing.

Mobile Unit Microwave UV Sterilizer

The Intenza Mobile Unit Microwave UV Sterilizer is designed for the sterilization, air purification, deodorization and formaldehyde removal in spaces with the spaces up to 60 m³.

Body Temperature Detector

The Marco Door Frame temperature detector uses Thermal Imaging Technology to detect elevated temperatures of visitors who walk through it.

Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot

The Sani Bot UVC + Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot uses the combination of a certified ultrasonic disinfectant spray device and short wave UVC light to sterilize both air and surfaces.

Induction Air Sterilizer

The Aeromaxe Air Sterilizer is a disinfection system that is designed to operate in the presence of human beings.  It makes use of state of the art patented electromagnetic Induction Technology to sterilize air.

Atomizing Disinfection Robot

The Haze Bot Atomizing Disinfection robot effectively purifies the air by rapidly atomizing the disinfectant and spraying the area to be disinfected automatically. It can be controlled by its app, allowing contactless disinfection. Its ease of use makes it simple to deploy and easy to maintain and manage.

Puro Bot UVC + Anionic Disinfection Robot

The Puro Bot UVC + Anionic Disinfection Robot uses UVC surface and anionic air disinfection. The robot platform is characterized by an autonomous guidance system making it perfect and suitable for disinfecting every nook and cranny.

Spritz Bot Atomizing Disinfection Robot

Spritz Bot, fully automatic wheeled spray robot is one of the best in its category. Requiring no installation, debugging or major training, this robot can get running straight out of the box. Just put the disinfectant in the tank, press start button and it is all set to launch an all out attack on harmful pathogens. Spritz bot is capable of exploring the surrounding, generate a map and plan a proper path. When short on power or disinfectant, the robot returns back to the charging station. This state-of-the-art disinfection product takes away all the hassles associated with disinfection process and ensures a disease free and safe environment.

Stalwart Pro UVC Disinfection High Bay

The Stalwart Pro is a UVC Sterilizer that is easy to operate and maintain. Its practical design offers a greater degree of versatility to its operators, enabling them to redirect the UVC rays to any direction in their space. With its powerful sensors, this potent disinfection unit reduces irradiation hazards by turning off the UVC lamp when it detects humans in its vicinity. Additionally, it features an integrated alarm that notifies occupants before the UVC lights are activated.